R Shiny for Operations Management


Units: 6

Description: This course will teach students to generate interactive websites including GIS maps and other data visualizations and reports using the R programming language. The course will focus on RStudio’s Shiny web application framework for creating interactive web applications, and the Leaflet library package for mobile- friendly interactive maps. This course builds directly from its prerequisite course, Programming R for Analytics course, and offers students a chance to build skills that will be marketable in both the public and the private sectors. Students will learn to load data from a variety of sources and formats for use in interactive web interfaces that can provide real-time information, including Rest APIs.

Learning Outcomes: • Use R to generate interactive charts, maps, tables and graphs. • Create, develop and deploy R Shiny web applications. • Customize the appearance of Shiny applications using Shiny and CSS. • Use Human Centered Design principles. • Use git and versioning to save, revert and troubleshoot code.

Syllabus: 94-880_R_Shiny_for_Operations_Management_Syllabus_F18.pdf