Seeding Societal Futures: Solutions for Food Insecurity for Rural and Small Communities


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Description: Dates: Feb 16 and Feb 23 This "micro” course will explore societal responses to food insecurity and an ideation session on innovative solutions. It will focus on the small and rural communities of Greene County, Pennsylvania. Students will be drawn from both Waynesburg University located in Greene County and Carnegie Mellon University located in Allegheny County, both in Pennsylvania. After immersion in the issues of food insecurity and the particular challenges faced by Greene County’s population in addressing the issue, the students will develop proposals for addressing those challenges. Their proposals will be presented to the Greene County Commissioners and to the Greene County Food Security Partnership for consideration and possible implementation. This course will be co-taught by Rick Stafford, Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy; Leah Lizarondo, CEO and Co-Founder of 412 Food Rescue and Entrepreneur in Residence at Heinz College; and Melinda Walls, W. Robert Stover Chair for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Waynesburg University.

Learning Outcomes: Where people, technology, entrepreneurship and public policy intersect The course objectives are to: 1. Educate students on the difference between urban and rural poverty and hunger and why there is a need for focused solutions. 2. Expose students to some of the biggest ideas for how technology-enabled and/or entrepreneurial breakthroughs could transform various sectors and quality of life; 3. Energize students to develop recommendations using Human-Centered Design practices and working with a team under acute uncertainty and limited time frames; 4. Challenge students to anticipate change and how the human/social condition might be affected; 5. Inculcate the discipline of anticipating and accounting system on system relationships and unintended and/or unexpected consequences; 6. Address problem challenges through gathering and applying expert input and opinion; 7. Communicate recommendations to decision makers on complex issues in concise and defensible presentations.

Syllabus: 94-884_Seeding_Societal_Futures_Solutions_for_Food_Insecurity_for_Rural__Small_Communities_Syll.pdf