Advances in Robotic Process Automation


Units: 6


Today’s new generation of sophisticated workforce robots act across business functions, integrate cloud and legacy applications, and are self-managing, scalable and fully dynamic. This course is an introduction into the fundamentals of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how it is transforming the world by combining software robotics with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).  RPA is software-based robotics that emulate the repetitive work that people do. RPA is changing the way organizations digitize and transform business processes and how they interact with their employees, customers and competitors.

During the course we will dig into the technology, understand how advanced RPA delivers business value, identify processes ripe for this automation, and build an RPA business case. We will also discuss the talent implications of bringing bots to work and the impact it has on the organization and its workforce.

Throughout the course we will be joined by business leaders who will share their experiences and leverage exercises designed to provide hands-on automation opportunities including use of a RPA environment.

Learning Outcomes

The main learning objectives of the course:

  1. Describe Intelligent Automation and its impact on the transformation of business
  2. Apply the technologies and best practices used to enable process automation
  3. Identify areas where Intelligent Automation is applicable and formulate its value (quantify and qualify).

This course is geared around class working sessions, guest speakers, lectures and discussions.  Engagement includes active involvement and participation in discussions, presenting materials, exercises, and sharing experiences around the subject of Intelligent Automation and AI. 

Prerequisites Description

All students are required to have their own laptops with a Windows compliant operating

system (Windows 8.1 or 10 (64-bit versions). Minimum 10GB free disk space).

For Mac users, please make sure you have a running Windows 8 or 10 environment to install Blue Prism’s Learning Edition.

CMU Computing Services (see below) can provide the necessary software or support prior to starting class.