Intermediate Java II


Units: 6


The focus of this mini course is on problem solving using the Java programming language. We will study such topics as Java's object model, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, inner classes, exception handling, event handling, the Java I/O system, graphical user interfaces, lambda expressions, generics, collection classes, multiple threads of control, JDBC.

Learning Outcomes:

Learning objectives include:

  • Review Java language basics like the types, operators and program control
  • Understand principles of object oriented programming in Java using classes, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, lambda expressions and design patterns
  • Develop Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming skills, become familiar with the multimedia and graphics basics
  • Understand exception handling
  • Understand collection classes and generic programming
  • Implement common design patterns in Java
  • Design and implement dynamic threads
  • Become familiar with Java IO and JDBC
  • Understand Java distributed object technologies and component models