Professional Speaking


Units: 6

Description: Enrollment: limited to 10 students per section Students must attend the first meeting if they intend to enroll in the class. Whether we like it or not, all the skill, talent, and creativity in the world isn’t enough in the workplace. The ability to actively communicate ideas quickly, credibly, and memorably is a key “soft skill” that is a requirement for senior workers,and a prerequisite for advancement in almost every industry. This course gives students who aren’t natural-born presenters (which is about 99% of the population) some key skills,techniques, tricks, and insights into the essence of verbal communication in the enterprise, and will help you give your ideas the noticeability and power they need in today’s marketplace. Whether you’re looking for a job, a raise, a way to have your voice heard more convincingly and effectively in meetings, or funding for a big idea, your ability to effectively present yourself and your ideas is a critical and often overlooked skill.

Learning Outcomes: • Get you comfortable with communicating yourself and your ideas to small & large groups; • Give you immediately-applicable skills to apply; • Expose you to a variety of “presentation situations”, including job interviews, raise negotiations, small group/informal meetings, large-group/formal meetings, large-audience public speaking; • Have you come out a more prepared, confident, and comfortable professional, able to present yourself and your ideas more clearly, powerfully, and effectively. • Learn that the real point of any communication is to inform, persuade, understand, share ideas, and (especially in the workplace) cause action.

Syllabus: 95-718_Professional_Speaking_Syllabus_S19_Apple.pdf