Managing Disruptive Technologies


Units: 6


We live in a rapidly changing world dominated by a myriad of technology-enabled disruptions. As a consequence, there is a strong need for individuals who understand the nature of these innovations and the complex ways in which they may affect marketplaces. In line with this need, this course is about understanding technology-driven disruption from a managerial point of view. The course combines several lectures introducing fundamental concepts of economics and management applied to technology-enabled markets, such as multi-sided platforms, direct and indirect network effects, diffusion and critical mass, market power, economies of scale, winner-takes-all markets, pricing strategies, multi-homing, switching costs, differentiated services, bundling, artificial intelligence/machine learning and the value of data. These lectures are complemented by case studies as well as academic papers looking at specific real-world companies focusing on innovative technologies like social networks, online marketplaces and the sharing economy. Students learn how to anticipate disruptive technologies and are exposed to frameworks and tools to characterize and manage these technologies in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will learn fundamental tools to understand how to manage the dynamic aspects of technology-enabled marketplaces as a way to understand industry disruption. They will also develop an understanding of the key elements that need to be evaluated when trying to anticipate and manage disruptive technologies in the marketplace.

Prerequisites Description:

95710 – Economic analysis