Advanced Relational Database Management


Units: 6


This course will review and identify the advanced technology requirements of relational database management systems.  It is expected that students have a strong foundation of RDBMs knowledge, skills, and abilities, including relational algebra, the relational model, normalization, and structure query language.

This course will have a technology component and an advanced topics component. Within the technology component, the student will learn and use several products: Oracle Data Modeler for database modeling, PL/SQL for creating program units that use SQL, and Oracle Enterprise Manager and/or Tool for Oracle Application Developers (TOAD) for managing and Oracle RDBMS and program units.

Within the advanced topics component, we will use some of our class sessions to review and discuss readings in topics like RDBMS –vs- NoSQL databases, database security, database administration, distributed databases, object-oriented databases, data mining and warehousing, grid computing, introduction to New SQL databases, OLTP, and database uses for the web.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate competency using Structured Query Language (SQL) to design, develop, deploy, secure, and administer a relational database management system that meets the business needs of a user community.

Demonstrate competency using Procedure Language (PL) / SQL to enforce complete business rule at the database and application level.

Demonstrate competency designing a relational database management system using Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Demonstrate competency administering a relational database, including DBA tasks such as authentication, authorization, performance tuning, normalization & denormalization, encryption, concurrency control, transaction support, backup and recovery strategies, XML, and criteria for database selection.

Demonstrate competency in designing relational database management systems for eventual integration with data warehousing (DW) solution(s) and designing extraction / transformation / and migration procedures of tuples and attributes.

Articulate in oral and written form all aspects of the relational database management system, including how it securely stores data, enforces complex business requirements, and how it makes the organization operations more efficient.

Prerequisites Description

95703, 95813, or 90838