Data Warehousing


Units: 6

Description: This course will introduce you to the major activities involved in a data warehousing project. The class will begin with an in-depth review of baseline data warehouse principles and concepts. Once the basic principles have been established, the remainder of the class will be built around a group data warehouse project. The project will begin with your group gathering requirements and developing a data warehouse design. Once the design is complete you will build a prototype data warehouse containing the necessary structures within your database and populating them with source data. This will require you to develop the table definitions, extract/transformation/load (ETL) logic, and example report definitions. I intend this class to be a hands-on example of a simple data warehouse implementation.

Learning Outcomes: After completing the course, the student should be able to - Identify instances where a Data Warehouse would be applicable - Understand the key Data Warehouse principles - Be able to identify Data Warehouse components - Be able to design and implement a simple data warehouse

Prerequisites: 90-728 or 95-703

Syllabus: 95-797_282.pdf