Deep Learning for Information Systems Management


Units: 6


The purpose of this class is to teach the math and the practical applications of deep learning techniques. The course will use the Keras and Tensorflow deep learning frameworks to walk students through a series of lectures and homework assignments, each focused on a different type of data and problem that can be solved using deep learning techniques. Course lectures will focus on deep learning theory for the first half of lecture and will be project based for the second half. Prior student experience with Python is required.

Learning Outcomes:

The course objectives are for students to be able to articulate the concepts underpinning deep learning techniques, what types of machine learning problems are addressable with these approaches, and to apply these techniques on a variety of homework assignments. Success will be measured by success on reading comprehension quizzes, homework measuring practical applications of the techniques, class participation, and a final exam to review major course themes.

Prerequisites Description:

Statistics for IT Managers (95-796) and one Python Programming course (95-880 Python for Developers, 95-888 Data Focused Python, or 90-819 Intermediate Programming with Python)