Business Communications


Units: 6

Description: Executives, managers, and staff have an opportunity through clear, concise and coherent writing to create shared understanding, maintain healthy and productive business relationships, build credibility with clients, and produce desired business outcomes. Because writing is a craft, it can be managed with a positive attitude, a willingness to place the audience and its needs in the forefront, and a commitment to editing for clarity of language and purpose. You will see that you can use writing as a strong business ally and a key to relationship building with your clients, peers and others.

Learning Outcomes: 1) Provide you with a model for strategic thinking, 2) Increase your appreciation of audiences, 3) Improve your writing and expression of ideas, 4) Increase your vocabulary, and 5) Reduce your fear of writing and presenting while increasing your ability to achieve your objectives.

Syllabus: 95-805_Business_Communication_Syllabus_F18_tYgxNQF.pdf