Object-Oriented Programming for Managers


Units: 12


The course provides an overview of computer programming concepts and object-oriented thinking using the Java programming language. Students will be introduced to general programming concepts such as loops and recursions as well as the specific object-oriented themes of methods, classes, and inheritance. The goal is for the student to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of the impact of these concepts and themes on the management of large-scale software development projects.This free CMU OLI course is recommended prior to 95-807:"

Learning Outcomes

  • Use a Java IDE as well command line to test code snippets and author professional programs.
  • Learn Java language basics, including types, operators and program control.
  • Develop problem solving skills through practice and understanding of the divide-and-conquer and top-down approaches.
  • Form and manipulate collections of data (such as lists, dictionaries, tuples).
  • Learn the principles of object oriented programming in Java with usage of classes, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces - with the goal of understanding code reuse and building scalable programs.
  • Be exposed to the SDLC (software development lifecycle) to understand how software applications are authored in industry.  This includes basic UML usage and design concepts.

Prerequisites Description

This free CMU OLI course is recommended prior to 95-807:"