Product Management in IT


Units: 6


Product Management in IT (95-821) is an introductory mini-course (6 Units) for MISM and MSIT students who are interested in exploring product management for IT-based products and services that are sold to customers, as well as IT apps and services that are developed for coworkers and partners.   Through interactive lecture, case discussions, and assignments, students will learn about product management concepts.  They will learn and use frameworks and tools to address strategy challenges and tactical issues across the product lifecycle.  Further, the course will build on students' knowledge of marketing, engineering, accounting, and manufacturing, showing how product managers work cross-functionally.  And, students will learn how product management compares in industries served, organization structure, and career paths.    The course will have an emphasis on product management of IT-centric, B2B products.  Regardless, the concepts discussed apply to products and services for B2C and non-IT markets as well.  Ultimately, the course will expose students to how product managers use specific analytic and management tools to play critical leadership roles in making products and services successful.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Define product management and how it applies to IT products and services
2. Summarize the drivers, needs and requirements of product management
3. Describe how product management fits and interacts within organizations
4. Describe challenges and issues associated with product management
5. Explore the four, base responsibilities of product management, regardless of product lifecycle phase
6. Explore the four product lifecycle phases and product management's roles and responsibilities during each.

Prerequisites Description:

No pre-requisites exist for this class.  However, students who gain the most from this class have taken a strategic management course, or have 2-5 years of work experience that has provided a good understanding of business & its functions (e.g. Sales, Engineering, etc.).