Agile Methods


Units: 6


Businesses must compete in new ways for growth and relevancy, driven by rapidly expanding digital innovation and complexity. As a result, organizations have become reliant upon an ability of their people and leaders to embrace continuous change for strategic gain while delivering continuous, incremental value. This explains the shift industry is making to Agile Methods; replacing outdated ways of organizing and managing software development and delivery. In this course we learn the history of agile methods, we explore Kanban, DevOps and, more deeply, the Scrum Framework, as it is the most popular and sits at the root of most every enterprise framework used to “scale agility” throughout large organizations. Who this course benefits: Agile Methods is the perfect course for entrepreneurially-minded professionals having career aspirations within any departmental functions (such as Product Management, Product Development, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, etc.) and wanting to learn through practical application how organizations deliver continuous value and embrace continuous change. Required $50 Courseware Purchase: Following the add/drop deadline (after the first week of class), all students enrolled in this class will have a “Heinz Business Case Fee” of $50 charged to their CMU student account. This $50 charge is the student discounted rate charged by required to access the Professional Scrum Master courseware, to be taught by a licensed trainer, using courseware created by Ken Schwaber at This entitles the student a free attempt at passing the rigorous assessment to earn the Professional Scrum Master I (PSMI) certification.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will gain hands-on skills and experience applying Agile Values and Principles, Agile Frameworks as they engage in using Scrum and Kanban during this course - both are popular agile methodologies in high demand with today's employers! Students will have one free attempt at earning the Professional Scrum Master I (PSMI) certification through 2. Students will be able to demonstrate critical thinking and applied problem solving against a complex holistic system of agile values, principles and practices, and challenges of scaling to the enterprise. 3. Students will learn the strategic business drivers and benefits of agile methods, and the inherent complexities companies experience while adopting and scaling agile to the enterprise.