Python for Developers


Units: 6

Description: **If you have taken Introduction to Python or Data Focused Python, do not enroll in this course.** This mini-length course focuses on learning internal software development by utilizing the Python computer programming language. Students will work through the SDLC (software development lifecycle) used in many corporate IT departments to learn how to author professional software -- internal corporate applications using Python. This course distinguishes itself in that students explore using Python to build internal company Python programs by completing a mini-long team project within a RAD SDLC environment (producing modules and prototypes). Assignments will include hands-on lab practice coding, weekly fundamental checkpoint quizzes, and the mini-long core programming project. Learners will study how to build professional, user-friendly Python programs to solve internal company problems. External, advanced libraries will be introduced in this class, which may include such libraries as NLTK and PANDAS. This course is designed for people with basic programming knowledge who want to learn Python for real-world based implementation (such as knowing basic programming theory (variables, Boolean expressions), decision logic [if-else], repetition structures [for loops], and functions. This course is a good selection for a student wishing to build a career as a programmer, software engineer, project manager, or program manager.

Learning Outcomes: 1. Use divide-and-conquer problem solving techniques to use the Python IDLE integrated development environment in interactive and script mode to both test code snippets and author professional object-oriented programs. 2. Learn Windows text command line and Macintosh terminal usage for writing and executing Python source code. 3. Form and manipulate sequences of data (such as lists, dictionaries, tuples). 4. Produce modules of functions and class definitions (OOP) for code reuse. 5. Progress through the SDLC (software development lifecycle) to understand how software applications are authored in industry for internal company problem solutions. Software engineering principles used may include such tools as RAD and Storyboarding. 6. External Python libraries workshops will be held toward the end of the mini.

Syllabus: 95-880_Python_for_Developers_Syllabus_M18.pdf