Web Application Development


Units: 6


With to the ability to capture everything the users do, web applications are at the front lines of data analytics. Web applications should leverage analytics-based insights to adapt to their users.  As such, this course is not simply an introduction to HTML/JavaScript programming.  Approaches that we will cover includes the instrumentation of a web page to capture user behavior.  We will analyze data indicators as an approach to characterize users.  This will allow our development to be driven by the ability to personalize the web application experience.  At the same time, the course will detail how the web application is used as input to search and advertising engines which use analytics to drive users, and what to do to optimize results. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the development of a client-side browser based web application including its capabilities and limitations.
  2. Develop skills in client-side web application development technologies including HTML, Javascript, and Javascript libraries.
  3. Design a web application using web programming patterns based on data analytics to enhance the front end user experience.
  4. Create a functioning web application suitable for portfolio presentation