Enterprise Web Development


Units: 6

Description: Please note that all students will be initially added to the wait list. Students are moved from wait list to the course based on various factors. Please come to the first class even if you are on the waiting list. This course assumes some previous programming exposure (variables, arrays, loops, and decision structure). Students without much programming experience should take 95-881, Web Application Development, which does not assume as much programming experience, and is much more structured to support students with less programming exposure. The course content will be different, meaning that 95-881 is not a subset of 95-882.?? Enterprise web applications are a complex relationship between the client, server, and any additional back-end services. Web systems are becoming more supportive of users such that the system must adapt based on the needs and behaviors of the users. This course will support the understanding of the data that drives the enterprise web development, which includes the analysis of web traffic and usage, ads, and the personalization of the web experience. This course focuses on the development of an enterprise web application with specific emphasis on the server-side enterprise web application programming and an n-tier system approach. The students in teams will design and develop a full enterprise web application including an n-tier implementation over the lifetime of the course. The development aspect will include server programming languages and systems (such as PHP, Django, Node) and database support (such as mySQL) as well as appropriate front-end development. Course evaluation will include weekly quizzes based on assigned readings, a cumulative final exam and a course project which is the enterprise web application that the students will build.

Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand the development of a server-side n-tier enterprise web system including its capabilities and limitations. ? 2. Develop skills in server-side web application development technologies. ? 3. Analyze web traffic and usage patterns for optimization of the system.? 4. Create a functioning n-tier enterprise web application suitable for portfolio presentation.

Syllabus: 95-882_Enterprise_Web_Development_Syllabus_F18.pdf