Network Defenses


Units: 6

Description: The course will take a hands-on approach to introduce students to the different network defenses that exist to detect, block and mitigate cyber-attacks. Firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and network sniffers are just some of the tools that students will learn to deploy and configure in a live lab environment. Additionally, time will be spent learning how to analyze data to make conclusions about the network that is being monitored and actively attacked.

Learning Outcomes: Students will understand current cyber-attacks organizations commonly face and describe the capabilities and best practices various network defense measures that can detect, block, and mitigate these attacks. Students will understand and perform hands-on exercises on deploying, configuring, and utilizing network defense measures across various sections of a network. Students will, during individual exercises and team exercises, apply their knowledge and analytical skills by configuring network defense devices and detecting, blocking, and mitigating live network attacks with a realistic test environment.

Syllabus: 95-884_298.pdf