Network Defenses


Units: 6


Network Defenses will cover the basics of network security through lecture and hands-on interaction with live virtual systems. Topics and labs include network traffic analysis, firewalls, networking, intrusion detection systems, logging and system event management, and network flow. The course will culminate in a group exercise where teams will identify and detect live attacks occurring on a virtual environment. Network Defenses is geared towards students who may be non-technical by nature, but who want to gain hands-on insight into the tools and techniques used in network security and computer security in general. However, no prior hands-on skills are required in order to succeed in this course. Course concepts will be tested via weekly quizzes and a final exam.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the basics of network security and the strategy of defense in depth

Apply hands-on skills and analysis techniques to situation-based scenarios

Analyze and identify common attack techniques and traffic patterns

Prerequisites Description