Enterprise for Innovators


Units: 6

Description: Having a great idea that captures the attention of a target market is the innovators quest. Building this into a profit generating product or service within an enterprise requires significant planning and attention to detail. This course is designed to introduce you to the priorities and considerations that are relevant when building innovation within an established business or start-up. We will discuss frameworks and processes that are important in the planning for AND early phases of product and service evolution. When innovators create, they do so with a focus on an idea (an invention). Successful businesses / innovators also focus the lens on the market to provide compelling rationale when potential customers ask 'what is the value for me in using this?'. We will explore the concept of 'Design Thinking' which is solution focused, not problem focused. We will also discuss how the strategic intent of business owners translates through to a business model that is foundational to realising their vision, purpose and goals. This course will introduce you to the latest research and methods that innovators can use in the development of their Business Model Canvas.

Syllabus: AU_95-886_Enterprise_for_Innovators_Syllabus_S18.pdf